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Burning CD-ROMs

Remember the days when computer technology was in its infancy and burning CD-ROMs was an activity popular with computer geeks and large corporations? Nowadays, when you buy a computer, a CD-R drive is an option that you can add to the specs.

INformation on our range of cd and dvd media BB Shopping is a leading online supplier of ultra high quality digital media. Our collection comprises of blank CD/DVD to next generation DVD discs. Let us give you a brief overview of our DVD disc range.
Trends of online retailing Recent trends indicate that online shopping or online retailing is poised for a big boom in the European Union. According to the surveys, the market of online retailing is going to be worth trillions of pounds in the EU with UK, France and Germany leading the race.
CD & DVD Media quality and Life Expectancy Back in the 80's, when the first CDR discs became available, the manufacturers stated that the data life on the recordable CD was in excess of 40 years. In the 90's when DVD media became available, the manufacturers said that the data life would be at least 100 years.
Online retailing in the UK Online retailing is coming to the UK in a BIG WAY. Recent trends show that it is growing at a rate of over hundred percent, year on year. In the past two years online shoppers in the UK have flooded online retailers with orders amounting to billions of pounds.