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BBDiscs Announces CD and DVD Duplication and Replication Service

We now have the infrastructure to offer CD and DVD Duplication and Replication services to our customers. The services available include:

  • DVD Duplication Services
  • CD Duplication Services
  • CDR Duplication and Printing Services
  • DVD Replication Services
  • CD and DVD Printing Services

DVD Duplication & Replication Services

DVD is fast becoming the most popular form of digital media in use today. The vast storage capacity and fast access times available makes it ideal for multimedia presentations, video and comprehensive yet compact data storage.

BB-Shopping offers a complete range of DVD-ROM replication and DVD-R duplication services to satisfy every need.

For DVD pressing, we can take your authored masters in on Digital Linear Tape or Advanced Intelligent Tape and have finished product back with you in around 10 working days. Currently, we can offer DVD-5 and DVD-9 capacity discs with either screen printing or high quality offset printing. This means you can have a run of just 10 DVD-Rs or as many as 2000 upwards knowing that you can rely on the quality of the finished product. As usual, we can produce DVD-Rs very quickly, with the majority of turnarounds being under a week.

  • DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video
  • Short-run, flexible turnaround DVD-R production and supply
  • DVD-5s and DVD-9s pressed
  • Digital printing, offset printing and screen printing all available
  • Blank DVD-R printing and supply
  • A wide range of standard packaging available

CD Replication Services

We can offer you a very wide range of finished CD products. We can supply standard CD-ROMs (and now DVD-ROMs) to more unusual solutions for your projects, such as mini CD-ROMs and business card CDs. A variety of standard and bespoke packaging solutions are also available for all CD types and DVDs to allow you to make your product stand out to your end user.

If you're in the early stages and need help with creative design services, we can offer you a comprehensive range of support services at competitive rates.

  • 12cm & 8cm CD-ROMs
  • Business card CD-ROMs
  • 12cm, 8cm and business card CD-Rs, digitally printed or labelled
  • Digital printing, screen printing and offset printing
  • CD-ROMs with coloured polycarbonate
  • Scented CD-ROMs
  • CD-R printing and supply
  • Diskette supply, shutter printing, labelling and duplication services
  • A huge range of standard and bespoke packaging to suit any project

CDR Duplication Services

We can offer a range of media and prints combined with very fast turnarounds. Our CD-R service aims to provide every client with what they need when they need it. We can provide inkjet printed CD-Rs or screen printed ones, usually in 5 days or less.

Often, we can accommodate for super-fast turnarounds and include evening and weekend working to get things done whenever necessary. If you use CDs a lot, it's also worth considering having a batch of generic CDs printed with your logo for you to keep and copy presentations or artwork onto as and when you need to. You can heighten the quality of your presentations this way and in many circumstances you can improve your company's image in your client's eyes.

  • Standard CDs, 8cm mini CDs & business card CDs
  • Digital printing, screen printing & labelling available
  • Have your own branding printed on blank CD-Rs - perfect for presentations, storage and internal use
  • Packaging solutions suitable for any project
  • Very fast turnarounds available at minimal cost!

Contact Us

If you have a project and you would like more information, or would like to arrange a call to discuss your requirements, please contact us at

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