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Burning CD-ROMs

Remember the days when computer technology was in its infancy and burning CD-ROMs was an activity popular with computer geeks and large corporations? Nowadays, when you buy a computer, a CD-R drive is an option that you can add to the specs.

You might wonder why burning CD-ROMs has become such an everyday activity. If you are a serious computer user, you will find that even a 40 Gb hard disc tends to fill up with data. You will also realise that copying this data to floppy discs is not a viable option -- floppies can only contain data up to 1.44 Mb and tend to become unusable with time. A CD-ROM can contain at least 700 Mb, which is easily accessible. So why not burn a few CD-ROMs and save valuable data, such as your operating system files, letters, accounts, contracts and databases?

When you buy CD-Rs, make sure that their speed matches with that of your drive. CD-Rs come at 10x, 16x, 32x, 48x and 52x -- x being the speed at which a CD-R drive can write to them. Most CD-Rs come in cake packs or jewel cases.

You will find a wide range of CD-R media at our bb shopping store, everything from a 20-pack of TRAXDATA CD-Rs at 52x for £5.50 to a 50-pack of Verbatim CD-Rs at 48x for £13.00. The TRAXDATA CD-Rs come with a wallet that holds 24 discs. Larger packs containing 50-100 CD-Rs come for as little as £9.00-18.00.

You will also find the 48x Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs for £38.00—this is a no-logo white and light blue disc. You can print on the white side of the disc with an inkjet printer and record on the blue side. Taiyo Yuden invented the first CD-Rs for Philips.

If you're looking for a bargain, check out the AQ-80 minute CD-R, at 32x -- you can purchase a pack of 600 for £250.00. Or go for 16x Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs in packs of 600-- these are available for £300.00. If you want to burn music CDs, go for TRAXDATA's CD-R Audio discs at £6.00.

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